The Transportation Transformation

Advances in cloud computing, connectivity, embedded hardware, security and artificial intelligence are culminating in the biggest disruption in transportation since the advent of the automobile. Join Autonomic as we accelerate this transformation.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate technologists with broad experience in cloud and distributed systems, mobile, UX and machine learning. We think in terms of scale, architecture and leverage. We’ve been in and around startups in the Valley our whole careers. We’re happiest when we’re growing fast, making quick decisions, working hard and combining our knowledge of technology with our business.

Our experience working with the world’s largest companies has prepared us for the specific challenges facing the transportation industry.

Sunny Madra
Sunny is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and technologist. Sunny's previous company, Xtreme Labs, was a recognized leader in mobile, with clients such as Facebook and Uber.
Amar Varma
Like Sunny, Amar has extensive experience as an entrepreneur. He co-founded Xtreme Labs with Sunny. He has 20 years of experience in high profile technology roles.
Benjamin Black
Prior to Autonomic, Ben held senior technology roles at Pivotal, Microsoft and Amazon, building large scale Internet technology. He co-authored several IETF RFCs.
Caleb Welton
Founding Engineer
Caleb has worked in data processing and machine learning his entire career. He led the development of MADlib, an open-source scale-out machine learning library. Prior to that, he was a key member of the Greenplum Database team (acquired by EMC).
Gavin Sherry
VP of Engineering
Gavin is a passionate engineer and R&D leader. He has made extensive contributions to open source software, including databases and data processing technologies.
Nithin Rao
Product Management
Nithin has two decades of experience combining business, technology and product strategy. Prior to Autonomic, he was a key member of the product teams at Pivotal and Proofpoint.