The Autonomic Architecture

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Platform Components

Vehicle Connectivity:

The platform receives raw vehicle data from multiple sources, archives them for redundancy, and converts the data into a standardized format used by the platform.


Data Processing:

The platform processes and prepares  the data to support a variety of applications. For example, fleet management metrics, such as hard acceleration and idling, are derived from the raw connected vehicle data ingested.


Application Integration:

The platform provides APIs for developers to securely and easily access and leverage the processed data. These interfaces are secured using modern best practices and technologies and allow powerful applications to be built on top of the platform.


Command & Control:

The platform is able to send instructions to vehicles remotely, such as turning the ignition on or managing an electric vehicle’s charging schedule.
Remote Software and Configuration Updates


Remote Software and Configuration:

Platform users can use the Transportation Mobility Cloud to send configuration updates to connected vehicles over-the-air (i.e. wirelessly).



Underneath all this, a robust infrastructure ensures reliable and secure operations at all times.


Example Applications

Our partners are building powerful applications on top of the Transportation Mobility Cloud.

Fleet Management:

The platform allows fleet managers to unlock the power of connected vehicle data. As an example, Chariot, a next-generation shuttle service, uses the Autonomic Mobility Cloud to manage and operate its fleets.



The platform supports Transportation-as-a-Service solutions, including services such as ride hailing and passenger-driver matching.


Autonomous Vehicles:

Using the platform, autonomous vehicles can leverage Fleet Management and Transportation as a Service capabilities in order to orchestrate the optimized movement of people and goods. 


Mobile Apps:

Developers can use the platform to build connected vehicle mobile apps enabling a range of functionality including remote command & control actions such as EV charging.