Why Autonomic?


Connected Vehicle Cloud Leader

Ford has chosen Autonomic to power their commitment of 100% vehicle connectivity. By 2019, The Transportation Mobility Cloud will be the largest connected vehicle cloud globally.


Diverse Transportation Partners

The platform is able to support multiple transportation partners, including different automakers. We are working with some of the largest transportation companies globally to build our vision of the Transportation Mobility Cloud. Our partners include auto manufacturers, parts suppliers, fleet operators, and other companies working to disrupt today’s mobility systems.


Robust, Reliable and Secure

Our engineers follow best practices to ensure robust and reliable operations. We use a comprehensive and automated system to monitor each component, and we have built the platform to meet the most demanding security needs of connected mobility applications. For instance, a meticulous 3rd-party audit was unable to penetrate our systems.


Scalable and Extensible

Our architectural and technological choices have scalability and extensibility in mind. For instance, we process large amounts of streamed data using the same technologies as by LinkedIn, Netflix and other organizations that have critical real-time applications. Our platform also uses a microservices architecture, a style of designing software as a suite of modular and independent services that are easier to scale, maintain and update compared to traditional approaches.


Competitive Pricing

Through our design decisions and choices of technology and transportation partners, our platform is able to provide connected mobility services at a fraction of the cost of other providers. We believe this is not only a competitive advantage, but a necessity for the success of the Transportation Mobility Cloud. By focusing on “getting the plumbing right” in the most efficient way possible, our partners and users can realize the value created by our open platform.


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